Digital Surveillance Systems and Security Camera

Vista Communications Inc. provides complete security solution for hotels, motels, resorts as well as educational facilities, healthcare & small businesses. Video Surveillance is the fundamental block of any good security system. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers can provide complete turnkey solutions for 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 Analog or IP based complete Surveillance system for your business.

Advantage of Surveillance Systems:

Safety & Theft : Surveillance systems can help guests, visitors, employees safe from theft & other Intruders by helping tracking as well as prevent break Ins.

Profitability: Increased Peace of Mind for the employees as well as guests resulting in improved bottom line for the business.

Flexibility: Remote Monitoring of the entire business or key areas of the location from anywhere, anytime via the World Wide Web.

Digital Storage: Digital Storage of the video for Instant Replay as well detailed analysis and investigation

Deterrent: Surveillance systems can help to be a strong deterrent to any potential crime thereby improving the bottom line for the business. Vista Communications provides customized solution for your business for small to large hotels, healthcare facilities, educational facilities & small businesses.

Our Services Include:

  • Detailed Site Survey of the entire building with management and offering suggestions to strategically place monitoring equipment at specific locations to optimize cost benefit.
  • Providing options of multiple types of Cameras including dome, Bullet, Box with medium or high resolution for indoor or outdoor use with blower/heater housings.
  • Stand alone networked DVR or Computer Based with multiple capacities of Digital Storage.
  • Installation of complete turnkey Surveillance systems including cabling, installation of DVRs & Cameras as well as training of personnel for on site and remote monitoring.

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