Energy Management Solutions

Vista Communications provides customized and Integrated Energy Management Solutions to our clients, reducing energy consumption and improving operating margins. We conduct complimentary audits of our clients current HVAC and Lighting Configurations to see if we can increase your efficiency. Based on our review, we then offer a solution for each of our clients depending on your type of operation. Whether your business is in Hospitality, Education, or Healthcare, we offer thorough solutions to reduce your overhead and carbon footprint.

Guests frequently leave the utilities running when the room is unoccupied resulting in increased utility costs. A lack of automated controls results in relying on staff to turn down controls manually resulting in a significant waste of time and money.

We offer tailored solutions for your business depending on your current HVAC systems. We work with many different HVAC systems such as PTAC system, Heat Pumps, Unitary Split Air Conditioners, Fan Coil Units, and Mini Split Air conditioners.

Our Energy Management solutions function based on room occupancy. When guests leave the room, automated controls set the thermostat back to a set temperature and quickly return to more comfortable settings once the guest return.

The way our systems work is based on a combination of wireless RF motions sensors and controls, and the smart thermostat installed in the room. This technology results in higher energy savings and improved guest comfort. Our clients find that our energy efficient technologies offer bottom line savings, without adverse impact to guests.


  • Wireless Energy Management solutions offer you a quick installation compared to a wired system without any inconvenience to customers.
  • Sensors and controls can also be installed in convenient locations without impacting your aesthetics.
  • Integrate our Energy Management Solution with an existing Building Management system or manage it with a standalone application making implementation painless.
  • Immediate savings and return on your investment after installation.
  • Our systems come with complete Labor, Parts, Warranty and options for extended Warranties.


Digital Smart Controller
Our uniquely designed Controller helps in setting up key algorithms for the Energy Management controls tying in the Sensors and Thermostats for optimized operations and improved Energy Efficiency.

Digital Thermostat
Our solutions are Vendor agnostic allowing us to use any industry brand thermostats customized for our application.

Occupancy Sensor & Door Sensors
We offer both adjustable ceiling mount or wall mount PIR occupancy sensors depending on the application and customer preference.