Wi-Fi Networks & 24/7 Support

Unparalleled Guest Wi-Fi Support

At Vista Communications, we can provide you with a full suite of design, installation, and maintenance, for wired and wireless networks. Whether you’re in need of high-speed Internet access in a new space, or you’re just looking to improve the performance of your existing network, we have the experience and resources to help your business stay connected.

With over two decades of Network Design experience, we can help your business by providing detailed on-Site Surveys, Engineering, and Installation of Wired and Wireless Networks. This includes Structured Network Cabling for businesses of all sizes including large offices, conference spaces, lobbies, and business centers.

We can provide complex Network Configuration, Routing, Security features, secure VPN Access and Authentication Management. Our solutions support the Integration of our Networks tailored to your Property Management Systems for billing versatility and Password Protection if it’s required.

Our 24/7 Technical Support Center is always available for your staff and customers. We monitor the ongoing health of your Network and down equipment including Ethernet Circuits, DSL, Wireless, Bandwidth utilization and ISP T1. We conduct Network optimizations so that your Guest Network can function at its best.

Additional Services Include

• Basic WiFi Adapter support    • Usage & Roaming questions
• Login difficulties                       • Gaming Device bypass
• Streaming Device Bypass        • Location-specific coverage issues
• VPN support                              • Password changes
• SSID configuration                   • Billing statement questions

In addition, we provide you a cloud-based Dashboard where you can view your entire network

  • See how your guests are using bandwidth to help you determine when network upgrades are needed
  • Gain information about how many guests are using your network
  • Discover patterns of usage across time
  • View support data
  • Run customized reports